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Here you will find the answers to the most common questions about us.

What does Demium invest in?
Demium is a talent VC, which means that we invest in exceptional individuals willing to launch their startup, with or without an idea, a team and a product.
How long does the investment process typically take?
The selection process usually takes 2-4 weeks. Selected entrepreneurs receive an investment of 100K€ to start their businesses within a few weeks, right after incorporating the company.
Is Demium no longer an incubator or accelerator?
After more than 10 years supporting entrepreneurs with our programmes, we decided that in the actual competitive landscape we add more value to our founders as a talent VC.
What if I already have a co-founding team and a project?
We would love to hear about your project, so do not hesitate to send us your deck by filling this form.
Do I need to have my own business idea?
No, you don’t. At Demium, we focus on people’s talent. For us, what defines an entrepreneur is his or her ability to carry out any idea and execute it, overcoming all kinds of obstacles.
What should I do if I have my own business idea?
If you already have an idea in mind, share it with us during the selection process of Demium’s investment team.
Can I join Demium if I am working in another job?
As a VC fund we’re looking for full-time dedicated entrepreneurs that executes fast a vision and a business plan. Once we invest in you, we expect you to fully dedicate your time to your new project.
How do we decide on the initial idea?
The 1% individuals we’re looking for must have a deep knowledge in either of these three aspects: booming industries, innovative business models, disruptive technologies. It’s on you to envision an idea with the potential to become a successful startup.
Do I need to incorporate my company in Spain?
Yes, right now we’re focused only on investing in companies incorporated in Spain with a global presence.